Welcome to my Website

I'm Dr. Neil Bergman Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon confining my practice
to Hips and Knees . My Practice is based in Warringal Medical
Centre located in the inner north-eastern Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg
and opposite the well-known Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre.

My website also features interactive web based movies on Hip anatomy,
Knee anatomy, Total Hip Replacement (THR), Total Knee Replacement
(TKR), Knee Arthroscopy, Unicondylar (Unicompartmental) Knee Replacement,
Revision Hip Replacement, Revision Knee Replacement and much more.

There is also information on Sports Injury treatment topics,
management and prevention.

The information in this website is provided to reinforce the advice you
receive from your own doctors and is not intended to replace discussions
with your doctor.

I hope you find my website useful and informative. Thank you for visiting.

Click here to find out more about me.

» Arthroscopy
» Total Knee
» Total Hip
» Unicondylar Knee
» Revision Knee
» Revision Hip
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